Perfecting the Hangover since 1904.
History of the Denizen Hall

Opening Tuesday November 2, 1904, the CNR Café (now the Denizen Hall) erupted with a live band at the Richelieu Hotel at 800 Third Street / Peace Ave (10266 103street today).

Founded by carpenter Joseph Napolean Pomerleau, the Richelieu and the CNR Café opened within days of the City of Edmonton incorporation in 1905. The CNR Café was named after the Canadian Northern Railway, which had its station and yard at Edmonton’s new downtown Arena site on 104th Ave.

Donning an original wood exterior and long-lost artisan features of that era, the CNR Café was THE marquee gathering place in Edmonton. More than just a watering hole, patrons exchanged ideas and celebrated a new emerging prosperity in the community – a young Province being built around them.

The Richelieu offered a rare opportunity for Edmontonians to enjoy listening to live music, while tapping kegs and tipping back whiskey bottles. It was a home and meeting place to share in their excitement watching the evolution of Edmonton.

Today, the Denizen Hall (Edwardian era-speak for local citizen) is bringing back the Richelieu origins, its passion and its purpose; to be a unique hub and gathering place in the evolution of Edmonton. A bar built in the downtown core for the Everyday and Extraordinary Edmontonian.

What does “The Deni” do best? We combine this deep rooted tradition while offering an authentic experience for all Edmontonians. Featuring live cutting edge music, unmatched food creativity (by one of Edmonton’s best known kitchen-eers), classic and original wall-to-wall black velvet art, AND… a FULL RETRO arcade of pinball and stand up games.

The Denizen Hall is a place for All to celebrate our past, taking us where we want to be Today, and helping create the evolution of downtown Edmonton.

Perfecting the Hangover since 1904.

‘Be You Suit,
Work Boot,
Mohawk or Catwalk.
You Are Welcome.
Be Not Afraid of Strangers, and Celebrate,
This One Day in Your Life.

A True Pub For the People,
The Denizen Hall.
For All.’

Written behind Black Velvet.
Come try to find it.